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ASAV - Australian Slovaks' Association in Victoria

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ASAV - Australian Slovaks' Association in Victoria


Slovak Language School for kids and adults in Melbourne

Dear Families and Friends,

On the 28th of July 2012 we succesfully commenced teaching Slovak language for children and adults at

Kew Neibourghood Learning Centre,

Veľkonočné tvorivé dielne

Veľkonočné tvorivé dielne

Už po druhýkrat sme sa stretli na Velkonočných tvorivých dielňach,  ktoré opäť pripravila Maja Garland a ZASV pre našu komunitu. Pripomenuli sme si Veľkonočné tradície a zvyky spojené s vítaním jari.  Aj ked v Austrálii vlastne začína jeseň  prišlo veľa priaznivcov, ktorých to neodradilo a nedali si újsť prípravu na Veľkonočných  vajíčok, pletením korbáčikov  pálením Moreny či pochutnanim si na Veľkonočných dobrotách, ktoré zaplnili stôl.

Vodafest 2012


Vodafest 2012


Najprv dážd a potom horúčava, ako keby vesmir neprial tomutofestivalu, ktorý sa už po druhý krát konal na Sumave v  Belgrave South. V prekrásnej prírode, obklopenej ihličnatým lesom a rybnikom  na severnej strane, či slivkovým sadom na južnej, táto oáza nám pripomína náš domov za morom.


Festival sa zrodil  z nadšenia Slovákov a Cechov,  milovníkov Sumavy, ktorí trávia priateľské víkendové posedenia, opekačky a iné príležitosti v tomto malebnom prostredí.

Agenda - Committee meeting 16.4.2012



7 PM   FRIDAY, APRIL 16, 2012

26 White Avenue Kew East


Costume party for children and those young at heart

Costume party for children and those young at heart - Saturday 11 February 2012 at the Sokol National House in North Melbourne
Another great initiative of ASAV for the young ones was organised recently by Maja Garland and Marta Kapusta with the help of several great people from our community. Many Slovak  and Czech families had fun at this successful event. 

Slovaks in the Australia Day 2012 City of Melbourne March

Slovaks in AustraliaSlovak flags were seen amongst the Australian ones and many others at this year`s Australia Day celebrations in the City of Melbourne. People from various countries of origin, community groups and many other organizations were represented in the colorful parade through the city streets. The theme of the parade this year was very simple yet said it all: “Our day, our march”

This is the second year in a row that a group of Slovaks living in Melbourne took the part in the march. Dressed up in national costumes, carrying the traditional loaf of bread and “pinch” of salt, they marched under the Slovak and Australian flags.

Zuzana Slovak: Christmas traditions in Slovak

Zuzka Slovak describes her day at Sumava Peksa Park, discovering Slovak Christmas tradions.

I would like to warmly thank to the Australian Slovaks' Association in Victoria and especially one amazing lady, Majka Garland for a fantastic idea and organizing this fabulous event 'Christmas traditions in Slovak' held on Sunday, 27 November 2011. The participation confirmed even St.Nicholas himself! The event was a huge success, each participant left with a smile and a wonderful feeling from an eventful day...

The event was scheduled on the first Sunday of Advent but November weather in Melbourne is always surprising. The rain was on the way. After Majka's message that St Nicolas will come even if the tractors were falling from heaven a stone fell off all the children hearts. Me and my family traveled with joy to the pleasant surroundings of the Šumava Peksa Park.

Review of the play Hightea with the Senator, by Monika Brunacky

Caj u pana Senatora - tajna poradaSTAG also known as Slovak Amateur Theater Group amused it's audience with the third in order theater play, a satire "Tea at the Senator" by Ivan Stodola.

On 29 October, premier day the actors turned a stage of the Slovak House in Lavertone into the world of theater. The world that is for us Slovaks living abroad so precious and close, the world reminding us home, symbolizing culture, history and evoking memories of the changes we went through.

For more than two hours our amateur theater group pulled us into the period after 1918, period of Czechoslovak Republic and introduced us to the story of people who want to become "someone". The attendees were entertained by satiric humorous view of the society almost a century ago highlighting the well known fact that many things never change as time goes by. Sometimes it is not about what one knows but about who one knows. This is the key discovery of Batazar Slivka the main role played by Pavel Sluka and his wife Mrs Slivka in excellent administration of Maria Capela when they decide to enter the politics. The background story of love between their daughter Elena in the administration of Danka Lalíková with opposition politician Dr Hronec in the administration of Patrick Nemes is completing the bigger picture of the satire. Excellent performances of Paul Capel who played butcher candidating alongside Baltazar Slivka into the party and of Anton Stavik who empathized with the role of Russian Professor of ethics Sergej Ivanovich Lopuškina gave the satire sharp humorous touch.

Hightea with the Senator

Caj u pana Senatora

The Slovak Theater Amateur Group presents a political satire by playwright Ivan Stodola, Hightea with the Senator. The comedy from the early 1920s portrays the background to the preparations for a successful political career, as well as selection of senator at a tea party held by Minister’s wife. The playwright Ivan Stodola is one of the most famous Slovak authors, renowned as a relentless satirist of the Slovak petty bourgeoisie.

Event essentials:

Premiere: Saturday, 29 October 2011 at 7 pm, Slovak House of Ludovit Stur, 105 Triholm Avenue, Laverton
Matinée: Sunday, 30 October 2011 at 2.00 pm, Slovak House of Ludovit Stur, 105 Trihom Avenue, Laverton
Sydney performance: Saturday, 12 November 2011 at 30 Vaughan St., Lidcombe, Sydney

Interview with Marta Kapusta on SBS Slovak Broadcast

Marta congratulations on your election to President office for Australian Slovaks' Association in Victoria. This is an important change in the life of the organization. Why did you set for this hard work and at first why did you chose to candidate for this position? 

It was a difficult decision Mr Bučko, if you did ask me this question the same time last year I would say no, thank you I'm not interested. I like working for community but lead the community is very responsible and and difficult task. I am aware that I need a support of the whole community to be successful in this role. I would like to thank everyone who attended the annual general meeting and supported my candidacy but also to those who did not support it because it is a challenge for me to work hard to deserve their votes and trust in the future.

Committee Members

The elected committee members of the Australian Slovaks' Association in Victoria are:

Ms Miriam Fletcher

Vice President
Mr Ivan Kovarcik

Ms Marta Kapusta

Mr Roland Havrila

Ordinary members of the committee

Dr Inka Havrila

Ms Margita Markus

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